lunes, 7 de mayo de 2012


Rock: rock and plant animations .:JC:. (with13 animations) HSK Hunt FREE!!!
Pista:"En el pozo de los deseos encontraras tu estrella"
Outfit: AsHmOoT_May_Group Gift 1 (Without shoes) Free!!!
Belt: ..::Splash::.. butterfly Belt NEW!!! NEW!!! (Not Free: 250L each one)
Colors available: White, Brown and Black
Shoes: ..::Splash::..  Snake Shine Pumps NEW!!! NEW!!! (Not Free: 200L each one)
Colors available: Blue, Emerald, Gold, Silver, Pink, Red and Black

Recuerden que el ::::V.I.P Hunt :::: HOUSIKA:::: ya comenzó!!! Unirse algrupo:secondlife:///app/group/adf47b63-41d7-d477-41c0-a4c74afd7760/about

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